How to get there

Car hire with driver from Kolkata to Balakhana is available at Rs. 150 per hour for small sedans and Rs. 180 per hour for larger MUVs. Overnight charges for driver Rs. 500 per night.


Route 1 – VIA NH 34
From Park circus 7 point crossing > No 4 Bridge > EM Bypass > Airport >
Turn Right on Jessore Rd towards Madhyamgram > Barasat > Kalyani Mor > Ranaghat railway crossing >
Fulia > Shantipur Bypass > Keep left on NH 34 at bifurcation before Krishnagar >
Turn left after Level crossing on Nabadip Ghat road > continue 8 kms to Maheshganj > Lookout for Allahabad Bank on the right
Enter through old Red Pillars to BALAKHANA

(Current road condition is good, apart from a few bad patches)

At Vidyasagar Setu Toll gate – Set odometer to 0
Kona Exp >  Delhi Rd > Durgapore Expressway >
(About 45kms in, there comes a large HP fuel pump with a Cafe Coffee Day outlet attached offering refreshments as well as a toilet block or at Hindustan Hotel about 10km later, providing a break if needed)
till about 60 km And/Or “Ambuja Cement” advertisement on Cold storage Bldg on right
Keep LEFT for Dashghara, after Hindustan Hotel/Dhaba ie. EXIT Highway, Look out for notice : GORAP P.S., do not climb on to Flyover!
Turn Right towards > Chinsura under the Flyover,
Head 2.5 Km to BHASTARA Bazar & turn left towards Boinchi – 11 Km.
Cross GT Rd & Rly crossing at very congested Boinchi Bazar,
Turn left towards Baidyapur > KALNA – 20 Km
 Cross Rly crossing & turn left at Kalna on State Highway >
Dhatrigram > Samudragarh > Nabadwip
Turn Right at  “Hemat Mor towards Nabadwip” – 23 km
 Cross Ryl crossing at Nabadwip > GOURANGA SETU (Bridge over Bhagirathi / Hoogly) Cross Gouranga Setu ( watchout for Bumps) Toll Tax.
Cross 2 culverts look out for small ‘PINK’ temple on Left at Mukundapur – 2 km.
Take narrow village road on left (of temple) towards FAKIRTOLLA – 4km
Turn RIGHT at IOL Petrol pump headed for Krishnagar
Look out for MAHESHGANJ BDO office approx 1 km
Make a “hair – pin” LEFT at the end of BDO office into Red pillars of BALAKHANA


0  Km     Reset trip meter to 0km at Vidyasagar Setu Toll Gate
17  “      Rail Over Bridge – Dankuni
18  “      Take Right fork for Old Delhi Rd
19  “      Mother Dairy Plant
39  “      Start of four lane Highway
53  “      Mogra Rly crossing – Turn Right under flyover
54  “      Make a hair-pin Left at roundabout on Assam Rd, towards Tribeni
75  “      HP fuel pump on Right – Toilet break
88  “      Keep Straight (Road on Right cross Rly Xing for Kalna Ghat & Santipur)
90  “      Keep straight over Kalna Rly crossing
91  “      Keep Straight (Rd on Left is the Kalna – Baidyapur-Boinchee Rd)
98  “      Take Right Fork for Samudragarh
114”      Turn Right at Hematpur Morh-Cross Rly line-go straight to Gauranga Setu
118”      Turn Left at Mukundapur/Pink Temple/Maheshganj signpost
122”      Turn Right at Fakirtolla/IOL fuel pump towards BDO office
123       Take a ‘Hair-pin’ Left at end of BDO office into White topped Red Pillars



Railway bookings need to be made 2-3 weeks prior to travel

Hazarduari Exp No. 13113
Departs Kolkata (Chitpur) 6.50 AM, arrives Krishnagar 9.15 AM
Hazarduari Exp No 13114
Departs Krishnagar 7.00 PM, arrives Kolkata (Chitpur) 9.30 PM

Bhagirathi Exp No 13103
Departs Sealdah 6.20 PM, arrives Krishnagar 8.30 PM
Bhagirathi Exp No. 13104
Departs Krishnagar 7.15AM, arrives Sealdah 10.30 AM

Dhanadhanya Exp No. 13117
Departs Kolkata (Sun, Tue, Thur) 4.10 PM, arrives Krishnagar 6.25 PM
Dhanadhanya Exp No. 13118 –
Departs Krishnagar (Mon, Wed, Fri) 9.25 AM, arrives Kolkata 11.40 AM

Daily local EMU trains ply hourly from Sealdah to Krishnagar

Vehicular transport fromn Krishnagar station to Balakhana (12 kms) charges Rs. 500 per trip, for bookings please contact Management

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